Looking for a software installer? Windows 8.x Compatible Software Installation Authoring Solutions

SetupBuilder Developer

Developer Edition is a "best-of-breed" product for experienced developers who want complete control over their professional software installations.

In addition to all functions found in SetupBuilder Professional, the Developer Edition flagship provides advanced features such as Web Installation and Web Update, a Visual Dialog Editor, setupPROTECT to maximize your profit potential, reduce costs and increase your software security, a Visual Debugger to troubleshoot your software installation by monitoring it as it runs, multi-language support, and much more.

Join the thousands of developers who have made the switch to SetupBuilder!


SetupBuilder Professional

Professional Edition is the fast, easy-to-use, value-focused Software Installer Builder for Windows that quickly builds basic setups for Windows platforms using a point-and-click setup scripting language.

SetupBuilder Professional includes a delta patch feature, for creating compact software installation patches to update older versions of your applications, and many other advanced features, including the intuitive Visualizers, built-in DLL and Windows API calling, and a script editor.


Installation Consulting Services

Our solutions don't stop once our software has shipped. We provide customization and consulting services for customers who have special requirements for their software installations, or want to hire "the experts" to develop a deployment strategy and implement the software installation for them. Why take a chance with anyone else?

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